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Why 2B Involved?

We help fast food industry organizations to reduce turnover and increase the quality of their production by creating a stronger management team which leads to lower costs and higher profits as well as more confident, motivated and highly engaged employees.

"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn"
"Benjamin Franklin"

About us

2B Involved is a path that connects you to personal and professional success.
Under the direction of Claudete Matos, 2B Involved has a network of renowned professionals in different areas, to manage your career or your company.


Claudete Matos Pereira Fernandes
Executive Coach & Management Consultant

Claudete Matos

With extensive leadership experience working for over 19 years at Burger King, Claudete started in 2003 as a crew member in both McDonald’s and BK, in the state of New Hampshire. Her energy and professional ethics soon led her to management, constantly attending professional courses offered by Burger King Corporation.
To promote a better work environment for her employees and exceptional service to her clientele, Claudete has sought to improve her knowledge through higher education (Business Administration) and other courses, most of them focused on leadership and mental health. Combined with her experience in the field of journalism in Brazil, where she was born and raised, she sparked a passion for recognizing and promoting new talents.
In search of improvement in motivation and human resources, guaranteed retention through more prepared managers Claudete has been certified as a Life Coach by Life Purpose Institute in California, as well as High Performance Organization by Holyoke Community College. Her proposal is to create a team of efficient and effective managers, aimed at leading their work team to be involved in the goals and results, providing retention, guest satisfaction, and increased profits. 

Our Team


Life Coaching

Unlock your team's full potential, increase productivity and satisfaction with a clear pathway to reach their goals.


Executive Coaching

Develop leaders and optimize performance of your management team.



Implement strategies for increased employee engagement customer and employee satisfaction.

Our Services

There are many ways to be involved!
To be involved is to create a connection, encouraging others to embrace the goals and celebrating the results together!


6 Month Development Program

A complete training that prepares managers and leaders to work under a high-performance organization style, building a solid work relationship and transforming the work environment.


One-On-One Coaching

A tool for a professional development exclusively directed to individual attention, which seeks to identify blocks that prevent personal growth and paths that lead to success.


Mental Health

Anxiety and stress can lead to mental illness and they can be prevented. We offer a training program that prepares professionals to deal with those big factors.

We speak Portuguese & Spanish too!

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What people are saying

“Claudete is a manager with strong interpersonal skills and an overriding desire to get the best out of everyone around her. She approaches her work passionately, with all smiles and a great attitude. I am appreciative of the time she spent coaching me and helping guide me both professionally and personally. When we worked together at the Chicopee Burger King store location we drove strong growth in year over year sales together. I will still contact her from time to time to see how she's doing and to ask for advice. I believe working or consulting with Claudete would be a great decision for anyone looking to improve.”


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We speak Portuguese
& Spanish too